SalesPaddy Features

Now Multi-Team access and Data Integration is easier with SalesPaddy

SalesPaddy offers multi-login facility, for seamless access of all team members. It also simplifies data management by effortlessly extracting data from leading platforms. The interface reads the extracted data, creates insightful reports and dynamic dashboards.
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Key Features


Authentication and Accesibility

  • Federated services for easy access with multiple logins
  • SalesPaddy reads the data but it doesn't need to store or load data


Data Integration

  • Seemlessly integrates to you multiple data systems
  • Work together with different combinations of data at one place

Scalability and Team Collaboration

  • Supports the expansion of teams for 1000+ members
  • SalesPaddy reads the data with zero storage, zero loading, and zero duplication


Sales Map

  • Visually look at your customers present in various locations
  • Generate new leads for your business
  • Import and export Google Maps data, ensuring accuracy and legal compliance



Reports and Dashboards

  • Work on comprehensive data analysis
  • Build customizable reports and dashboards



  • Access to the data in more efficient way
  • Create vertical mobile WebApp for your business
  • Customers can automatically install the app with just a click on a link



Benefits of using SalesPaddy

Assist Sales Team

Upgrade from traditional CRM Add-ons

Multi Identity Logins

Expandable licenses to the external teams

Minimize Adoption issues

Modern and customisable CRM Add-on

Location Based Insights

A new visual approach of easy to use maps

SalesPaddy seamlessly integrates with leading platforms for effortless data exchange


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